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ZEI is an authorized dealer and installer of access control systems. In addition to a host of traditional options,
we’ve also invested heavily in custom development of access control integrations and niche solutions.

Card Access

Control access to your facilities by proxying your users' access credentials via physical cards.


Biometric sensors can be used to supplement or replace card access to facilities and digital assets by identifying characteristics unique to each individual.

Kiosk Integration

Custom digital touchscreen kiosks are often used to interface with visitors. These can be integrated with door entry/exit as per business requirements.

Elevator Access

Access control systems extend into elevator shafts by providing a reader interface that accepts a user's credentials and provides floor access accordingly.

Video Integration

Visual identification is occasionally useful to verify the use of access credentials. Nearby cameras can be assigned to a given door to provide rich search criteria for such a case.

Thermal Scanning

Covid-19 has brought about dramatic changes to society. Automated thermographic scanning ensures that individuals with fevers are identified, alerting staff.


Turnstiles are often employed as a counter, or to enforce single-file entry/exit constraints.

Entry Gates

Entry gates are often integrated with visitor management or access control systems and provide access and denial for vehicle traffic.

Visitor Management

Create temporary badges for your visitors with scheduled access limits to ensure access by least-privilege.


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