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IP Video Surveillance

IP Video Surveillance

Reliable recording solutions, VSaaS cloud recording, video analytics and more.

Enterprise Audio/Video Solutions for Safety and Security

We develop and deploy custom video solutions that extend from on-prem to the cloud. Building great infrastructure and software serves as the foundation of our work.

Video Surveillance solutions adapted for enterprises of all sizes

IP Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

IP, analog and hybrid solutions uniquely designed for each project.
IP video surveillance cloud vsaas

Cloud VSaaS

Powered by AWS and Broadflow, leverage unlimited resources in the cloud to achieve high availability, durability, fault tolerance and security.
IP video access control integration

Access Control Integration

Every access transaction is an event, with a record of data. Integrated with your cameras, quickly access video clips linked to these events.
IP video face search

Face Search

Face recognition is not to be confused with face detection. Use a photo of a face to search through video intelligently.
Access control kiosk integration

Kiosk Integration

Your building directory or visitor kiosk is an integrated communications device. Use video to secure and monitor your kiosks while interfacing with humans.
Access control visitor management

Visitor Management

As multi-tired solution, visitor management encompasses every aspect of the visitor experience.
IP video multi site enterprise

Multi-Site Enterprise

City and regional surveillance systems with thousands of cameras require a lot of eyeballs. AI and automation ensures maximum value.
IP video analytics

Video Analytics

Our software-centric approach provides maximum flexibility by making open source technologies accessible, eliminating costly license fees.
Access control thermographic scanning

Thermal Scanning

Advanced thermal detection systems are coming soon. Quickly determine if a visitor's body temp is abnormal and trigger an alarm.


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