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Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Alarm Monitoring, Panic Buttons, Perimeter Sensing and more.

Specializing in Honeywell Alarm Systems

ZEI is an authorized dealer and installer of Honeywell intrusion alarm systems and a certified alarm company. We work closely with central monitoring stations to ensure that your facilities are locked down and protected with confidence.

Intrusion Detection Solutions

Intrusion detection facility monitoring

Facility Monitoring

Strategically deploy various lights, horns and sensors to secure one or more buildings or outdoor areas.
Intrusion detection panel fleet-monitoring

Panel Fleet Monitoring

Our managed monitoring service helps maintain large numbers of panel systems by efficiently managing facility data and automating updates as needed.
Intrusion detection perimeter sensing

Perimeter Sensing

For high security outdoor facilities use IR laser technology to track human movement and provide detailed, multimedia alarm notifications.
Intrusion detection cellular gsm monitoring

Cellular GSM Monitoring

If a phone line or internet connection is unavailable, a GSM radio can be installed at low cost to ensure continuous monitoring is unfettered.
Intrusion detection server rack monitoring

Server Rack Monitoring

Set custom schedules and trigger a zone alarm if unauthorized access is attempted at specific times and days.
Intrusion detection silent panic alarm

Silent Panic Alarms

A simple button or specialized money clip can be installed and configured to silently notify emergency services in times of need.


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